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We are providing engineering Equipment Services including design, supply installation of  HVAC  Water  treatment on  turnkey basis  Our  proactive approach to technical issues enables our customers to understand and implement cost effective solutions.

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Founded</br> 1966
Founded</br> 1966
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We understand that you are looking for trustworthy vendor for HVAC Water Treatment issues for  your existing and future projects Another important strength of our company is Time management We render our maximum effort to fulfill customer requirement in achieving best quality, timely delivery with competitive cost

VENCO Truly Ventilation

VENCO designs and produces heat recovery ventilators, jet fans, axial smoke exhaust, fresh air and pressurization fans, explosion proof fans, fans with casing, automatic control system and MCC panels, duct and air handling unit type electrical heaters, aspirators/ventilators with casing, shelter fans, duct, roof and kitchen type fans, silencers and fan accessories and also promotes its products both in the country and overseas.

Experience Over 30 Years

VENCO works with up to date standards, production and test technologies that comply with international standards in HVAC industry.

We are leading Air-conditioning specialist

We’ve been specialized in central air conditioning for over ten years, which makes us have rich experience in producing all kinds of central air conditioning, we also carry on many projects for factory, hotel, commercial building,etc

We provide a wide range of products in Air Conditioning and Refrigerating, including

  • Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit,
  • Water Source Heat Pump,
  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller,
  • Water Cooled Screw Chiller,
  • Water Cooled Scroll Chiller,
  • Air Cooled Scroll Chiller,
  • Split Type Air Conditioner,
  • Water Cooled Packaged Unit
  • Rooftop Packaged Unit,
  • Air Source Heat Pump,
  • Fan Coil Unit,
  • Air Handling Unit,
  • Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit,

Precision Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers,etc.Our products are widely used in factories, schools, hospitals, organizations, hotels, supermarkets, marine etc. The customers speak highly of our products.


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